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  1. Google Sheets Link Auto Opener

    Chrome ExtensionNew release

    Google Sheets Link Auto Opener automatically opens a popup window when the value of the currently selected cell in a Google Spreadsheet is a URL. It enables users to view the spreadsheet and the content of the URL in a side-by-side arrangement, facilitating seamless and rapid review of both the spreadsheet data and the linked web content. This feature is particularly useful for efficiently comparing details of digitized invoices and receipts (processed through OCR or AI) against their original files. Key Features: Regular Expression-Based Filtering: This extension allows for the automatic opening of links only if the URL in a given cell, or the cell range/name, matches a specified regular expression pattern. This capability effectively prevents the opening of irrelevant links.

  2. Adds Export Feature for Google Drive Document Previews This extension operates within Google Drive and the Document Sharing pages. -* -*/view Once a document preview is open, click on this extension's icon to export the document in PNG, Zipped PNG, or PDF format. Even documents that are restricted from downloading or printing can be exported with this extension. Key Features: * PNG image exportation. (If download is blocked by Chrome, let it allow multiple file downloads) * ZIP file exportation. (This encompasses PNG Images) * PDF exportation. (This involves PNG Images, with no text information included) * Ability to specify a filename * Ability to designate a PDF page size (A4, A3, and more) / Orientation (Portrait, Landscape)

  3. Easily group calendars and switch between them quickly in Google Calendar. Groups can be defined for project teams, departments, or managers, depending on your use case. To create a group, simply enter the name of the group and the name of the target calendar from "My Calendars” and “Other Calendars" in the text area. You can easily combine, select and switch between calendars from a list of calendars you have defined. Key Features * You can easily define groups of calendars to which you are subscribed and switch between calendar groups. * Settings can also be imported and exported as JSON files.

  4. Udemy Business Linker

    Chrome Extension

    Link to the Udemy Business page for the course you are currently viewing. This extension provides for Udemy Business users.